Sunday, 24 September 2017

Another Gold for GB .. a post by Eric Eco Warrior

(I've just discovered this from the end of 2016 - goodness knows why I didn't publish it, but you might like to read it now)

.. Gnomes in Business, that is!

Bernard and I were delighted to win gold at Worcester Show back in August, in the 'thrift' section, with our recycled stump house.

The whole project is just under 610mm (coincidentally the exact max for the competition!)

We were really happy with our attempts at faux leather chairs (papier mache, with pva glue as a varnish)

Bernard was happy with his 'patchwork' quilt, made from ribbons cut from the shoulders of clothes, for his sardine tin bed.

We inherited a papier mache clothes chest from our Grandpa, and share it, in the bedroom.

Now that Bernard and I are setting up a building partnership, we're taking commissions, and the first is a renovation of The Clock House, for the mouse family of Hickory and Dickory.
It's currently a wreck, having been salvaged from a friend's shed that frequently got flooded but, as we property developers say, the house has plenty of potential!

As this new project is likely to take a long time, the mouse family need somewhere to live in the meantime. So, we thought it would be good for them to have a holiday, and are building them a gypsy vardo to tour around our Hundred Acre Wood for a few weeks. They plan to visit Winnie the Pooh and others, on the far side of the forest.

The caravan consists of a round cardboard canister and a cereal box, cannibalised to form a round top that lifts off a base. There's a door just inside the canopy, leading to the living space. At the back, there will be a couple of bunk beds, with storage underneath, and we plan to install a wood stove to make things nice and cosy.

Love for now, and have a great week - Eric and Bernard (and Chris) xx

Since the heady days of their success, the boys decided they were old enough to branch out (get it?!) on their own, and moved in with a little lady who lives a couple of doors away. They took the Stump House with them and, as with all the best stories, they lived happily ever after! They have promised to pop back and help with future property development, especially the Clock House. Chris xx

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