Sunday, 8 October 2017

Days of Mellow Fruitfulness

Mornings like today are very precious at weekends, this time of the year - a quiet Sunday when Basil and I could sit and enjoy the warm sunshine, listening to the breeze and little  birds, with a coffee (me) and watching for squirrel intruders (him).

The garden's settling down for the winter, but there's still quite a bit of colour tucked away. I'm so glad I didn't dig this out as a weed earlier in the year - the bright white brings a lovely sparkle, flowering its socks off, while the faithful catmint is still producing food to nourish the bees.

A demure fuschia is still producing blossom and a rose I was given in memory of Mum still has a couple of blooms.
Haha - excuse my thumb!

After five years, the pond is looking really established now, with all the shrubs bulking up nicely. The addition of frogs has been a godsend. Although they're rarely to be seen, we haven't had any slugs or snails this year, and previously we've been overrun with them.

Again - sorry for the rogue finger - the sun was so bright, I didn't notice it.

The last of the colour comes courtesy of the lemony evening primrose, round the pear tree. I don't know how they first arrived, but happily seed themselves freely. The little primulas (courtesy of Lidl a couple of years ago) certainly earn their keep, too, popping up all over the beds, and still busy flowering.

Indoors, I've been using up old/donated stash on cards to sell for charity. It's slow and laborious, trying to match in-matched stuff, but good fun.

I've been making embellishments and clusters to add to cards later - this actually does save time and head-scratching, when you have the pieces already to hand.

Happy Sunday and a great new week, all xx

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