Wednesday, 29 September 2010

A techie session ..

in my craft room today.  Not much (well, nothing, actually) to show for it, except some cut up cereal packets and lots of little circles!

I took possession of a new Cuttlebug a couple of months ago, but haven't had the wherewithal to buy dies or embossing folders.  So, 'necessity being the mother of invention', I watched a couple of You***e videos and decided to make my own.

After two loads of washing and 12 double choc muffins (made not eaten!) I was ready to start.

I cut out a few sheets of card from cereal packets and then LOTS of circles with an ordinary office 2-hole punch.  Using the 1cm squares on my cutting board, I drew a grid, and stuck a circle at each corner.  Although it looked ok on the card, I didn't know how well they would emboss, or whether they were too close together.  I just did a small section to experiment with.  Because I wasn't using a proper folder, it took several attempts with card and then with paper, to get the right sandwich mix - sometimes it went through too quickly and I knew it wouldn't have made much of an impression and at others, I could feel the strain on the machine and whipped it out quick, before doing any damage to my new baby!
In the end, I was quite pleased with the results.

On paper -
and on card -

The pics aren't too brilliant but you can see the effect.  I did remember to write in my notebook how many sheets of card/paper I had to use each time, so I don't have to keep re-inventing the wheel.

Thanks to all the pioneers who make video tutorials for the rookies out there!  We love you.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

I'm going to be REALLY good tonight ...

.. and get to bed early, for a change.  I swear that alarm clock goes off earlier and earlier each day!

I had a great day with the re-launch of Teddy Wares this morning - cards and other hand made stuff I sell for overseas aid projects.  People were really nice about my stuff and watched Dil's powerpoint presentation showing where all the money raised is going at present (a new charity called Touch 1000 Lives, whereby we are currently buying sewing machines in India, and teaching local Untouchable-caste women tailoring, so they can support their families).  The website will hopefully soon be up and running, and I'll put a link here.

I haven't done any card making today- just been catching up with the craft blogs I follow - so will hopefully get back to it tomorrow night, and put them on a post.

Night night all xx

Papercrafting Tips

I used to scribble things on pieces of paper lying on the computer table, that I wanted to remember.  Really got up DH's nose when it was a bill or receipt, or some such!!  So - I now have a notebook to record anything crafty that catches my eye - sections for items of kit for my wish list; links to web pages, blogs etc; tips posted by others, etc.  That way, my reminders don't find their way into the recycling bin and blissful harmony is maintained in the Flutterby household (well, for now anyway!)  Night night, All!

Ok, own up out there ...!

... Who ran away with Friday and Saturday?!  I blinked at lunchtime Friday and it's suddenly gone midnight on Saturday!

No pics today as I've spent most of it packing cards in bags and adding velcro to the backs, to mount them on a display board cos tomorrow is launch day - Teddy Wares will be up and running, with cards on sale to support an overseas aid project - I'll hopefully post pics of the display, and give details of the cause, later tomorrow.

I was thrilled tonight when my friend Kay turned up with a HUGE box of craft bits that she didn't need anymore.  THANK YOU so much, Kay!  Isn't it lovely how generous people can be, for a good cause.  The last two weeks have seen my sifting through two friends' button tins, too - just like Christmas!

I'll just post a tip that's popped into my head, then it's off to bed - the girl's a poet and didn't know it! LOL

Thursday, 23 September 2010

I was quite pleased in the end ...

... this was another one I made yesterday.  The yellow card with cake and greeting was recycled from a used card, and I mounted it in a pink aperture card (also donated - a LONG time ago!) I'm not really a 'pink' girl and didn't like my first attempt.

However, in my haste with the green distress inks earlier, I forgot to clean my work mat (tut tut!! bet no-one else out there ever does that - LOL) and got a nice green smudge on the pink.  But, I managed to camouflage the mark by stamping little pink posies all over the border, and distressed the edge - and I think it softened the whole look, and it's not now so stark and boring - IMHO! 

Anyway, all's well that ends well - and that goes for my challenge entry, too.  Being new to this game, I just couldn't persuade a thumbnail image to appear - even my techie DH gave up and went to bed.  But, Katie (she of Cooking ... fame) came to the rescue and sorted it out for me.  Thanks Katie!

Aarrgghhhh!!!!  Just looked at the clock!  Must go to bed NOW or this will be Friday's post!  Sweet dreams X

My First Challenge Entry!

I'm feeling really brave, and decided to enter this card for my first challenge, at Cooking It Up With Katie - 'Sweet Metal Ribbon'
I hope they like it.  I'm going to get a crash course in photo tips soon, from a FB friend - not before time!!LOL

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


I  enjoy my job a lot but I REALLY love Wednesdays, my day off.  Got the washing out of the way first thing so I wouldn't feel guilty spending time card making today.  I started by tidying my work table but you wouldn't believe it now, several cards later.


I really need some more suitable storage for my stuff!  At the mo, almost everything is in trays/plastic boxes on the table - leaving me about 18" square to work on -

or underneath, in yet more boxes - which means pulling them all out to find the right card/envelope/backing paper, etc - all VERY frustrating and messy!

I think what I need is some sort of shelving that will go on the back of my table, clearing some space.  Then, I could do with one of those filing cabinets with shallow drawers to keep paper and card in - any of my local friends know of one needing a good home? 
Anyway, enough of all that - I'd better show you what all the mess was in aid of -

Sorry I haven't mastered the art of taking photo's yet - you can't see the detail.  This was a ready-made tag that I toned down with distress ink, and did the same with the little thank you stickie.  Did the same with the next one, layering them on paper from my stash and then on dark green cards.  Put in white inserts to help write greetings, which I edged with the ink.  Green ink looks a bit strange in pic but goes quite well - honest!!

No, that's not some weird embellishment sticking out on top left - it's the spout of a decorated tin watering can on the window ledge! See what I mean about my photo skills - LOL

Was fairly happy with my first attempt at distress inking - the lace on the first one got the treatment too, which does look quite 'vintagey' rather than dingy!

These two were made from decoupaged sheets I was given some time ago, with some backing paper from the stash, all on square cards - I find this size & shape very satisfying to work with.

They look very flat on the photos but are actually several layers deep

Thought I'd round off today's attempt at being David Bailey by showing you the opposite side of my craft room.  This was our guest room until I commandered it and eventually, when funds allow, I want to buy a sofa bed to put this side, so that we can start having people to stay - that's if they could get in there, or even want to!  Sorry it now looks like the middle of the night but it's now 8pm & I don't know how to operate the flash!  The box next to the chair contains cards going on sale this weekend, and the other is a bobbin lace-making set that I've just started to tackle - I hope that this will eventually be suitable to put on cards.

Night night for now x

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Landmark day!

I went to the bank with Dil M-H, to set up the account for the new charity that's on its way, and where proceeds from my cards will be going, for the foreseeable future.  Just waiting for the website to get up and running, and I'll post a link from here.

Mel came over last night, and it was great to show her some of the ideas she might be able to use for her secret project (more later, maybe pics, Mel?)  Anyway, can't do too much card making til the end of the week, as I've lent her my corner and border punches, brads, papers, cards ... really, this is just a good excuse to catch up on blog-reading, and I might even get round to cleaning my craft room (again).  Come to think of it, I might take pics tomorrow for a WOYWW post (what's on your worktable Wednesday, for the uninitiated) - before and after ones, as two cards later it always looks like the aftermath of the Blitz!

Sat up til very late last night, combing through blogs I could enter.  Found 3 in the end, I think, though made a right pig's ear of one - memo to self - read the rules more than once!  Sigh!  Still, maybe the organisers will take pity on me! LOL

Monday, 20 September 2010

And last but not least ...

Like the previous cards, the first is more Spirelli combined with stash items,
the middle one is a decoupaged primula mounted on a doily, with a tag,
while the third is a recycled picture, mounted on card and then on backing paper
from my stash, with a greeting salvaged from another recycled card.!

More from August 2010

More recycled top layers, combined with backing papers and embellishments
from my stash.

Some of my August 2010 cards

The first two contain elements from existing cards with snippets from my stash, while the third uses some Spirelli kit I was given, and the centre of a tired looking medallion.  I think these last two trends are rather out of favour now, and hope that putting them together has produced a more interesting card.

Papercrafting Tip

I hate wasting any of my stash, so I've devised a system of storing card and paper according to size - whole sheets in a large plastic box with a lid, part-sheets in a separate tray, and all the snippets in a little box.  Once they find their way to the snippet box, I sit in front of the TV and punch them into tiny flowers, hearts, etc., so they're always ready as odd trimmings for cards.  I found some brill petri dishes in our local scrap store, which are ideal for storing tiddly bits.

Back again!

Hi - hope the sun is shining where you are!

A couple of people have asked why I wanted to start a blog.  I've never managed to keep up with a diary beyond the middle of January (but at least that's longer than my NY resolutions!)

I follow a number of craft blogs and many of them run regular challenges, with prizes (usually crafting kit) and, in order to enter, you need a way of publishing your entry, and the easiest way is a blog.

Not sure if I'll get any cards made tonight - Mel is coming round, for help with a surprise project she wants to do - I love sharing ideas and enthusiasm with friends.  I'll start uploading pics of cards when I discover how to (and when I get round to buying new batteries for the camera!) LOL

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Welcome and thanks for popping in!

Why 'Teddy Wares'?

A few years ago I decided to raise some much needed funds for overseas projects that my church was involved in and, since I just LOVE teddies, the title just came to me, and I started used this umbrella for making greetings cards, growing tomato plants - anything, in fact, that would raise money.

... flutterbies?

I'm fascinated by most handicrafts, DIY, gardening, etc., and my problem (well, one of them!) is that I want to try them all, and I flit from one to another.  This means I'm usually in my element but it can be a bit wearing for my very understanding husband!

... and Chrysalis?

It's a nickname formed from my names Christine Elizabeth, which my favourite uncle gave me when I was a tiny!

Until now, I've been recycling used cards, buttons, ribbons etc that have been passed to me.  This is a real blessing, in that it hasn't cost too much, but as yet I haven't been able to develop a real style of my own.  I mix and match embellishments, card fronts, etc., and mount them on blank cards, using backing papers and other bits and pieces along the way.  It's proving great fun but can be frustrating if I haven't got quite the finishing touch to hand.  Gradually I hope to give free reign to my muse, as I am able to purchase more kit.

I hope you'll join me along the journey, as I share personal thoughts and musings, completed projects and WIP, tips, etc.  You'll discover that I'm probably the most frugal crafter I know but it's very satisfying when virtually all the proceeds from my wares go somewhere useful. 

And where's the money going at the moment?  Watch this space - VERY exciting!