Sunday, 30 October 2011

It's scary ...

... where this year is going to.  Having just spoken to my good friend Jacqui (hi Jac!) and told her about my blog, I thought I would visit - and couldn't believe that my last post was in August.  Anyway, here's an October catch-up, before I blink and it becomes November!

The garden has done well, with my chooks settling well.  We did lose one early on, which was sad, but I like to think that her last days were spent in the sunshine and not a battery cage.  I'm quite proud of the fact that we are still getting 4 eggs from 5 birds, despite the days drawing in.  A friend with 50 or so birds told me this morning that his have stopped laying altogether.

This huge bowl of toms are the last of the red ones out of the garden - SO glad I stripped the plants off last week, before the rains came on Thursday.  It's been lovely to be able to give zillions away, as well as use them ourselves.  There are just as many green ones, so I expect to be making chutney in the near future.

Inside, the house is covered with a layer of brick dust as we are in the process of installing a multi-fuel burner in place of the open fire, in the sitting room.  It's going well

with the plaster drying out and, hopefully, the burner being installed later this week.  At least Rosie doesn't seem bothered by the mess!  It's beginning to get to me, though, and I want my dining table back!

I did inted to clean through, this past weekend, but decided there was really no point until the work is finished.  One reason I want the table back is to start to use the new goodies that arrived last week.

These mysterious parcels are an A3 cutting mat and a large quilting ruler.  I fancy trying my hand at making 2 cot quilts for friends who have / are about to have babies.  I have tons of fabric in the loft, and will attempt strip quilts - watch this space!  One good thing about keeping a public journal is that I can't very well go back on my intentions - I'm relying on you guys to keep my flutterby tendencies at bay on this one!!

Anyway, I've promised myself a couple of chapters reading tonight, so I'd better sign off.  Good to be back here.  Love to all xx