Wednesday, 20 March 2013

WOYWW All Square et al

It's been another mixed week, craftwise, chez Flutterby.

It started with patching a couple of bed sheets so they could go back into circulation.

Then, a family from our church are moving away soon, and we have all been invited to provide 15cm squares to be included in a surprise quilt for them. There's no overall theme, but everyone was encouraged to make something with significance, and a book of explanation
will go along with it.

I used the flowery fabric I'd used for my wedding dress, for my first square -

and the other two were just my wishes for them -

Then - more squares - I dug out old Laura Ashley fabric I've had for probably 20 years - I'm taking it, with my sewing machine and a couple of other projects, to Mum's when I stay with her for next week, as she has her first cataract op.

I took DH's advice, and looked today for a couple of new cardigans for Mum, with pockets - but no luck.  I couldn't find one anywhere, so came home and put pockets on the three I'd brought back from my visit a couple of weeks ago.

There was some oatmeal coloured fleck fabric in my stash that matched this cardi exactly. I originally thought of cutting straight across the knitting, binding the cut edges and putting a square pocket inside all three. But my machine didn't cope with sewing across the yarn, so I ended up with a different shape patch pocket hand sewn to the inside of each garment. The opening runs along the front edge of the cardi

and I was pleased that it's hardly noticeable from the front.

I used the same flowery fabric for both of the others - one a royal blue (sorry about lousy pics taken at night)

and on a lilac-y one. I experimented with different shaped pockets.  The opening for the one above is on the slanted edge, while I folded over a square into a triangle for the one below.  They only have to be big/strong enough to hold a tissue hankie.

This is the lilac one (another 'light' apology) and you can see that it's almost invisible from the outside.

Yesterday, my hero gardener Richard came, and we cleared the front and almost all the back garden, ready for the Spring, including cutting the lawn for the first time in 2013. It's wonderful having him to help for a day - I should now be able to keep on top of things for another year - providing I don't allow myself to get sidetracked. It needs to be a case of 'little and often'.

You might remember Frank, whom I made last year, and who went to live with my Mum. Well, her home help wants one, so I'll be making a brother (Sam) for him while I'm there next week, too.

Sorry that this has been a very bitty post but that's how things are at the mo. I'm posting this over at Julia's - - so I might see you over there - it's well worth popping over to see what everyone else has been up to.

Have a great week, and I'll post again after Easter, when I get home. In the meantime, take care xx

Thursday, 14 March 2013

More Flutterby Musings

I suppose it's good that we're all so different. DH asked what my plan was for the day, and his face was a picture when he learned that, after pruning the pear tree, I was going to 'sides to middle' a couple of sheets and make pockets for 3 cardi's of Mum's (who won't wear them if there's nowhere to keep her hanky - no, before you ask, she doesn't like to keep them up her sleeve).

Anyway, back to DH - "For goodness sake, just put them all in a charity shop and buy new ones. There are probably loads of people out there, crying out for sheets with seams across the middle, and pocketless cardigans!" Men, I ask you?! (Or is is just me, I wonder?!)

Happy Flutterby Days

Tra-la-la - I promised myself not to open my new toy until I'd cleared the front (craft/sewing/computer) room - and guess what?!

 However, although it's unpacked and all the booklets read, the sun is shining and I'll finish giving the pear tree its annual haircut before I start to play.

Here are a couple of cards I made (recycled) yesterday. This first one, for DH's nephew, is a simple backing paper mounted on a blank card, with the sentiment prised from an old card.

The second is another recycling 'cheat', with the pic mounted on coloured card to give a border, and then stuck on a blank. My white card stock is a bit flimsy for my taste, so I usually make an insert of the same card, to give it some 'body'.

I hope the sun is shining in your world today, and you enjoy it. xx

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

WOYWW Stashbusting meets

... make do and mend.

A satisfyingly flutterby, bitty week, on the craft front -

It started off with making a few cards for friends and family. They were all made from recycled cards and bits from my stash.  This first one has an acetate front, with the LOVE stickers on, over a recycled card

The next one is for my brother (hope he doesn't read this!)

The teddy one is a bit of a cheat - just a recycled picture mounted on new card.

Then I put new trim on a bath towel that was like me, a bit frayed round the edges! The rest of it is fine, and not ready to be chopped up for wash cloths yet.

I finally got round to making a new lining for my farm shop bag. The handles are still fine, but the plastic-y lining had disintegrated. The only tricky bit was where the seams are very thick, so needed to be hand-sewn (just don't look too closely).

It then just needed a little patch on the outside, ready for a new lease of life.

Then I made a brooch, as a little pressie, to go with the teddy card above.

I've finished Mum's shawl - it was going to be a poncho, but didn't turn out as expected, so I've added a kilt pin which will be easy for her to open and shut.

Then I made two peg bags - one for my friend Sheila, who gave me a brown checked pillow case and navy ribbon

so I just added some lining and velcro, and put it together

with enough left over to make one for Mum.

I was going to do traditional ones, on clothes hangers, but Sheila said she'd prefer one she could put over her shoulder instead, and I thought that would be good for Mum, too.

The hardest part of making these was sewing the velcro on - straight stitching was a nightmare (it kept messing the tension up) so I ended up using zig-zag stitching which was better but still required some cobbling together.

I'm off to put a chicken and leek pie together now, for tonight's meal, using leftovers from last night's roast - does that count as stash busting, too?!.

I'm itching to get out to work in the garden but it's far too cold at the mo - the wind is biting, here in Worcester. My knight in shining armour is due to come for a day, next Monday, for his annual visit to help kick start me for the Spring, but I'd like to get some stuff done before he arrives but hey-ho, such is life.

That's my week of stash busting - I'm posting this over at Mrs D's - - hope to see you there.

Thanks for visiting, and have a great week. Hugs, Chris xx

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

WOYWW The spice of life ...

... variety, that is.  I've just finished 46 sets of bunting with 3 pennants each. My friend Helen runs an after school club, and wanted the kids to make something more permanent than a Mother's Day card, so they're going to write M-U-M on these, with fabric paint. It wasn't a difficult job but it always takes longer than I think.

I put ribbon underneath, with lace on the front to cover the stitching and make them a bit prettier.

Mum's indoor poncho is coming on at a reasonable pace. I love Lisa's (Attic 24 blog) ripple pattern but I find it gets a bit boring, working in the same colour all the time - one drawback of being a flutterby!

Today I'm hoping to meet up with a couple of friends for a cuppa (one of the joys of retirement, having time for stuff like this), then I need to make a couple of cards and a peg bag for Mum (noticed last time I was there that hers has almost disintegrated). Then it will be back to the poncho - and a chance to check up on everyone else over at Julia's at  Hope to catch up with you there. Meanwhile, have a great day. xx

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Lots of fun today

without any crafting, but first I'll show you the hand warmers I finished and gave to my sis in law -

They seem to work well, heated in the microwave for one minute. I filled them with rice.

We made good use of our National Trust membership and the gorgeous weather today, by visiting Croome Park, near Pershore, Worcs.

No, it wasn't cold - as demonstrated by DH sitting on the bench outside - but the lion(?) under wraps is probably a WIP, like so much of the house.

It was the home of George, 6th Earl of Coventry

a chap who was worth the equivalent of £28million today, so didn't have to worry about hiring 'Capability' Brown to design the park - the first project Brown completed from scratch.  It is a glorious place - so tranquil, and the house is stunning, especially in the lovely warm, morning sun.

This little chap was very friendly, and not at all afraid

It was lovely to be greeted by a real fire in the entrance hall - The Earl commissioned Robert Adam to design the fireplaces etc.

The doors are all very detailed, and made from hard woods from all over the globe.

This is the tea room, with another fantastic Adam fireplace and beautiful ceiling and chandelier - not to mention one of the best carrot cakes I've tasted!

Outside, the panorama is like this in every direction.

The 'home shrubbery' was apparently a favourite walk of the 6th Earl, where the trees have amazing trunks, and snowdrops spring up everywhere just now.

 The shrubbery leads to The Rotunda, which was used for banquets and parties.

The inside is as detailed as the main building, and magnificently intricate.

Leading back to the house is a large urn, built to commemorate the visit of King George III to the Park. The red house behind is privately owned - lucky person!

And back round to the front of the house.

This 'river' took 12 years to dig by hand, and imitates the shape of the River Severn.

The church - and two houses - originally in front of the main house, were moved by Brown - the church to the top of the hill, and the houses to elsewhere on the estate, so as not to impede the view!

 It is now out of commission for services but still consecrated, and is a wonderfully peaceful place

Like the house, the woodwork is amazing, as you can see by the pulpit and baptismal font.

Well, you're probably suffering from cultural indigestion after all that, so I'll stop and say goodnight. Back to crafting in the next post. Hugs for now, Chris xx