Tuesday, 24 February 2015

WOYWW and the Spice of Life

Firstly, a BIG sorry for not posting regularly since Christmas, or visiting all you lovely peeps, too. I'm not sure where time goes, but tempus certainly fugits around here. 

Anyway, down to business (wondering about WOYWW? - click the button on my side bar to find out more, and enjoy a worldwide crafty tour).

Variety is the name of the game, chez Flutterbies. This week I knocked out a couple of cards -
A new home one, for DD1

and a birthday one for a friend

then made a bead/wire birthday gift to accompany the card. Having enjoyed my first attempt, I'll try some more.

Not bad from a broken necklace and wire scraps

Another birthday gift, but I'm running out of yarn (grr!!) so will unpick a bit, and give them a red toe.

Alongside these, my first fair isle attempt is coming along, but went on hold until I bought new needles for the sleeves, this afternoon. I have got several sets of double pointed ones, but all too small. If I get it finished in time, I'll post a pic next week.

Rosie, cat-napping
In the meantime, I will try to visit as many WOYWW desks as I can, and hope you enjoyed your virtual cuppa here, with me.  Have a great week, Chris xx

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

WOYWW Pt 2 - January Projects

I've split this week's post, as it covers from New Year. You can see the first instalment, posted last night.

January crafting was very varied, which always appeals to my flutterby nature.

My two DDs' birthdays were last month (35 and 33 - 'No ', I hear you gasp, 'surely not!! You're FAR too young!!' Afraid so). Anyway, I'd picked these beauties up in our recycling shop several years ago, hoping to turn them into trinket boxes. They are beautifully made, by Windsor and Newton, the artists' paint people. The outsides were nicely varnished but had their logo stamped on, and the insides were quite rough.

So, I stained the insides, quilted the lid inside with French Navy silky fabric from the stash, and lined the drawer insides with it, too, making a ring holder for the top long section (unfortunately, ran out of the fabric for this, and had to substitute a similar colour cotton. But that's what you get when you're tight stash busting!).

I was able to disguise the logo by adding shell embellishments. I had thought of decoupaging the whole of the outsides, but knew the girls would prefer an uncluttered look. I'm very happy with the results and, thankfully, Jen and Kate were, too. Not bad for £3.00 each!! They did get a cash gift, too, so I'm not that mean!

DH raised his eyebrows when I said I loved socks (his hearing's not what it was - haha!) These are the latest, his stripey ones in 4 ply, proper sock yarn, done on 4 needles and the others, in 8 ply, done on 2 needles. I find the first type more satisfying, as they magically grow, complete, with no sewing involved, but the second are quick, being thicker and just two needles, but you have to sew up the backs and sides of feet.

The final January project was another hat for Mum. I'd done a blue one for Christmas but, subtle as ever, she hinted she'd 'quite like a red hat'. It doesn't look it here, but this is a deep, cherry red and, thankfully, she wears it happily.

Now to decide on a project just for me - before anyone else gets a chance to ask for something !

I hope to visit everyone at Julia's for WOYWW over the next few days. Thanks to all who pop by here and leave a message. If you have time and are not too exhausted at the end of this, you might like to read part one, dated yesterday. Unfamiliar with WOYWW? Click the button on my side bar and be prepared to be wow-ed with some amazing stuff.

Hugs and blessings, Chris xx

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

WOYWW Part One

Sorry for the absence, but it's taken me a while to get back into gear, since Christmas. I seemed to lose my oomph, and needed to go back in my shell for a while. So, I caught up with a Wasgij (jigsaw), a Christmas pressie from DH. If you haven't seen these, they're quite a challenge (well, to me, anyway) as you don't do the picture on the box. In this case, it was what the lady behind the counter could see.

The box -

The lady behind the counter -

The (almost) finished puzzle -

It was good fun, and made a nice change from all the frantic Christmas crafting. Since then, I'm feeling much more myself, have got back in the crafting saddle, and will post the results in WOYWW Part Two, tomorrow. 

Night night, Chris xx