Monday, 21 November 2016

Finding My Way

Sorry for being away so long, but life's been on a roller coaster this year. You might know that my Mum came to share our home four years ago when, aged 88, life alone became too difficult.

Gradually she became more frail and, following a nasty infection in June 2015, she needed help with most everyday tasks. Finally, after a couple of months being bedbound, she passed peacefully away at the beginning of September, a week after her 92nd birthday.

Happy 92nd birthday, Mum
I find myself left with a mixture of emotions - thankful that she was able to die at home, when she was ready, and without protracted illness or pain but, on the other hand, her passing has hit me more than I expected, and I get days of melancholy (like today) when the tears keep coming, and I feel very fragile.

A couple of months before Mum died, we also unexpectedly lost our precious Cleo, all too soon (aged 9 and only with us from the Dogs' Trust for a year)

Thankfully, we still have Basil, who came as a 'package' with Cleo and he is a joy, keeping us on our toes, and entertained

"It wasn't me, Mum - honest!"
 Apologies if this all sounds maudlin, but posting this feels very cathartic, and I hope that you will forgive me for wearing my heart on my sleeve. I now feel ready to re-enter Blogland, and look forward to sharing more positive snippets from our Flutterby nest over the coming days.

Crafting (along with my faith, loving family and good friends) has been a life/sanity saver over the past months, and it's good to have this to focus on, as I try to find who and what I am, again.

Blessings for now, Chris xx